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Sunyo(HK) Architecture Limited

We are a very young design team with members from various religious and cultural background. Though as a company we might not be as seasoned as many professional peers, we managed to accomplish a fair amount of projects in the past years. The majority of our projects dewells in China Mainland, ranging from housing property development to public or cultural design projects. 

Being small-scale as we are never makes us timid over massive projects or hectic workloads. As most of our previous projects covered stages in the full spectrum of architectural design, it is safe to say that our past experience have only made us ever more confident for greater challenges to come.

The amicable and adherent working atmosphere is yet another regular ingredient for our propaganda. Rather than seeking the perfect gear, we believe in patience and tolerance that every gem should have its chance to be polished before shining.

We sincerely ask whoever with the same vision to join our sail. Surely it is unlikely to be all calm and cozy. But should you have the ambition and endurance to beat the waves with us, together we shall find the voyage fulfilling and rewarding when it ends.

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