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The HuXinDao residential and office complex development is located in an excellent location around 20km from the Zhengzhou city center and 2 km from the railway stations. Covers more than 1-hectare land area, the development will eventually offer 75000gross floor area. The development is also situated in a well-resourced neighborhood adjacent to the TianYue Bay residential development and other public facilities that will provide sufficient necessities for residents in their everyday lives. In addition, the river along the complex offers a pleasant landscape and a relaxing recreation venue.


Landscape, on the other hand, is another crucial factor in creating a pleasant ambient. Delicate landscape design has also been intergrated into the project as well. With different scale of space, various landscape elements were implanted. Such as in the open area that's most trafficed and focused, abundant planting with lager space for rest of play was arranged for the residents. Whereas, in other area where serenity or privacy is valued, certain meandering pathways and booths were designed with discreet intention.

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