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This project is located in the north side of Jinshui District,Zhengzhou ,Henan province.It is located in the core of the city, with only 8 kilometers away from Longhu New District.With it’s location advantage and will become a benchmark institution in the region.The school lot situated at the heart of three corner main roads namely Puqing Road , Soling Road, Xinlong Road and secondary road Weihe South road.The lot area approximately 27300sqm, and about 30030sqm building area.

The school consist of teaching and Administrative building.There are 66 classrooms, 45 for general classrooms and 10 other classroom. Sports facility provided like 8 basketball courts and 4 volleyball courts and 300 meters runway and it is located away from the teaching building to reduce the noise interference in the playground. This project makes full use of underground space in the plot. In addition to providing motorized and nonmotorized parking spaces provided at the basement of the school building. 

The school modern façade design to consider more windows and openings to cater children’s curiosity to explore the outside world by looking at the windows, it also gives natural light for each room.The school focuses on providing students with multilayered experience of after school space not only for fun, but also to relax and rest.The location of school give more advantage as the transportation is very accessible and there are additional educational resources within the surrounding locality.

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